NOTE: The BMLT Project Has Moved To A New Home.

MAGSHARE is a site that is devoted to creating Web-based tools for use by NA Webservants. It started off as an offshoot of MAGBLOG, but really deserves its own site. Currently, we have four projects in MAGSHARE, but we are more than willing to accept and incubate more.

PROJECT 1: The Basic Meeting List Toolbox (BMLT)
This is a complete, super-powerful “NA Meeting List In A Box.”
PROJECT 2: The NA Cleantime Calculator (NACC)
This is a useful and attractive NA Cleantime Calculator.
PROJECT 3: The NArchive
This is an archive of historical NA documents.
PROJECT 4: The Geolocator Tool
This is a special JavaScript-based Google Maps “workbench” application.

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