Got the New WP Plugin Framework Done

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I spent the day preparing the framework for the plugin, and running the basic unit tests. I have now switched away from a local unit test harness to a “vanilla” install of WordPress 3.1RC3. I set this up on my laptop, so you can consider it a unit test harness; just a bit more robust than the simple PHP file I used to verify the callbacks. The current plugin is an empty “shell.” I’ll be filling in the blanks as I go along. I need to take a break and plan it out a bit more. One thing that I will allow is to have multiple servers, so you could have a different database or a different initial view in separate pages. This will be handy for Regional sites that are providing Web presences for their ASCs.

I use a simple trick, so I don’t need to be constantly copying files from the SVN working directory to the plugin and back (a habit that has caused me problems in the past). I simply set a symbolic link into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory to the trunk. Works great.

This plugin is gonna be pretty badass. It will blow away the older one, and thus, will need a lot more work. This will take a while.

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