Work Begins On the New WordPress Plugin

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The WordPress 2.0 plugin will be the first major satellite to run entirely through the new REST-based satellite “driver” class. The principal goals of the project will be:

  • Complete Support for WordPress 3.1 (I suspect the original version will also work fine, but maybe this one can take advantage of new features);
  • Complete “divorce” from the root-server-constructed XHTML and JS (This will use the driver class, and all interactions will be REST);
  • Choice of Map systems (I want to do research, but so far, I think I can give a choice between Google, MapQuest and Bing.);
  • In the case of Google Maps, I want to use the Google Maps API V3, which is completely different from the API V2 that we use for the root server;
  • Add support for mobile devices;
  • Increase the number of choices for user experience. Allow simple, easily-configured and easily-understood interfaces; and
  • Create a cleaner, better-documented project, so it can serve as an example for other developers to do their own satellites.

I won’t be updating this series as much as I did the series on the driver class, because that slows me down a lot. However, I want to leave a good “paper trail” behind me.

You will be able to see the code here, as I go along: This work will be done in the trunk. 1.5.12 remains the stable release for now.

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