Admin Phase 1 Finished for the New WordPress Plugin

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You can see the code in the trunk at this URL. It is WordPress’ SVN system.

It will be some time before I’ll release this, because it will be significantly different from the original version. Here are the highlights:

  • You will now be able to specify an arbitrary number of settings. These settings will each have their own map center and zoom, and may even point to different root servers.
  • I’ll be specifying a range of shortcodes for insertion into pages and posts. The old “kitchen sink” display will be replaced by a number of different choices. You’ll be able to have simple lists, as well as different search interfaces. These shortcodes can all have different settings, so you could have a single server, displaying lists for a number of different searches (for example, a Regional site, with a different page for each ASC).
  • I’ll still do the simple searches, but the shortcodes will change, to access certain settings. If there is no setting specified, the first (default) setting will be used. I suspect many folks will only use one setting, anyway.
  • I want to support mobile phones. I need to do some experimentation as to the best way to handle this.
  • I’m looking at supporting multiple map systems, but I’m not so enamored of the MapQuest and Bing APIs. I may just stick with Google Maps V3. I’m quite concerned about introducing too much complexity into the mix.

Once I figure out how I’ll support mobile phones, I’ll be updating the admin interface for that.

I would love to be able to also do a Drupal mod for this, but the scope of this project is pretty huge. Since no other developers are stepping forward to work on modules and satellites, you’ll get what you get when you get it. Every time I count myself, I keep coming up with “1.”


I’ve decided to retain support for the classic model in this release. It’s really the only decent thing to do. However, I plan to remove the “pre-checked” option. That results in very confused users. It’s a bad idea to have the Service bodies pre-checked, as it results in artificially limited searches.

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