Almost Ready for Alpha Testing

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I now have a version of the plugin that displays the current “main” interface, as well as the popup menu listing. I need to get the simple display working (not much effort necessary) and do some work to increase compatibility with the old version (I want to add the additional CSS and “push down” options). I also need to do some more CSS tweaking. I also want to add the fast mobile capability to this. I need to figure out the best UE for that. I haven’t actually thought through the integration.

The current version 2.0 plugin allows you to set up multiple sets of preferences, with each preference connecting to a different root server (if you want). This is very, very cool.

The example I’m testing with connects to the trunk test server, the GNYR server, the FSRNA server and the UKNA server. I have a page set up with a BMLT search set for each of them. This means that one site can have multiple pages, each with a different search.

What’s Going Away

I won’t bring forward the Support Older Browsers or the Pre-Checked Service Bodies functions. Non-JS browsers will no longer be supported by the plugin. The Pre-Checked Service Bodies capability is a UI disaster. I succumbed to a user request that doesn’t scale well into the real world. I won’t miss it one bit.

What’s Coming In

I think the only truly new capability I’ll add will be mobile browsing. I want to wait for a further release to start adding some of the cool new sexy stuff. We’ll start off by giving folks a comfortable transition.

This also means that the WordPress plugin is going to start to take a significant lead over the other CMS plugins. I just don’t have the bandwidth to do the work required to bring the other CMes forward. I had been hoping to make a portable class, but they all operate very differently, and it’s extremely difficult to craft an acceptable cross-CMS system.

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