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This entry is part 2 of 37 in the series NA Service Body Site with Drupal 7

In this rambling video I fumble through installation and configuration of some of my “first thing” modules. This is what I install: “backup_migrate fpa devel webform views ctools¬†globalredirect pathauto features entity token module_filter admin_menu coffee” (You can paste this directly into a #drush dl command … you will have to have Drush installed on your server, which is a very good idea)

To find these modules go to<module_name> (from my list above)

I configure: Backup & migrate, show you where to set up cron, change the administration menu and turn off the overlay. I prematurely set up a path alias in Pathauto.

Sorry about the length of the video, when I trip it takes longer.

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