Modified Module Directory Structure

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Though not necessary, if following along you might want to do this. In anticipation of creating some features to be exported from this development site, I did some file/directory shifting to make the /site/all/modules/ directory a bit more navigable.

If a ‘contrib’ directory exists in the ‘modules’ directory, Drush will download (dl) contributed modules to that directory. I tested by using

#drush dl diff

I then moved all of the contributed modules into the ‘contrib’ directory.

I also added a ‘custom’ directory under ‘modules’. This will be used by non-contributed modules like BMLT and any custom code.

Then created an ‘nas_features’ directory for housing the features created using the Features module. If you plan on cloning the features created in this tutorial, I recommend creating a features-ish directory also.

Here is my Directory Listings

Directory Listings

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