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I start the creation of a content type to upload archives.

  • New vocabulary called Documents. I may allow this to get large and hierarchical and use something like Taxonomy Menu to create a practical navigation
  • Content type with a file uploader and two term reference fields

Still up in the air how I will handle display. Either a view or the default taxonomy term display.

UPDATE: In order that the documents are sorted in a reverse chronological order without the maintainer having to pay attention to creation dates, I have added another field to the Files content type called Document Date. Only requires month and year. This will allow me to order the display on this field. Committed and pushed to Bitbucket.

Another UPDATE: In this next video, I show how to create an automatic title for the Files content type. This will help the maintainers  avoid some redundant tedium. But I leave it as an option, in case they enjoy redundant tedium.

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