PROJECT: The NArchive

The NArchive is a neutral repository of digitized files relevant to the history of NA. That’s all it is. No interpretation, and just enough context to keep it organized.

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3 Responses to PROJECT: The NArchive

  1. addict says:

    I Love MAGSHARe and all you do to preserve NA

  2. cal_l says:

    looking for a pdf of a step working guide called “The Power To Recover”. I scanned all 104 pgs and underloaded years ago and can’t find where I sent it and the addicts I know did not keep a copy just like I didn’t.

    Can you help me before I spend another $30.00 to have it done it again. and if you don’t have a copy I can send you one because i’m dropping this off at the printer to be scanned Monday 5-23-11.


    • Chris M. says:

      Hi Cal,

      Boyd and Chris are the ones that do most of the work in selecting the contents of the NArchive.

      I’ll alert them to this comment.


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